One-Time Gifts

If you prefer not to sponsor a child directly, or just want to help in another way as well, you may choose to give into one of our directional funds.



  • Rice Allowance
Rice is present in every meal, and eaten alongside everything. A meal without rice is not a full meal.
Every month we give rice to the families of sponsored children. The bigger our rice fund, the more rice we can give.
  • Outtings
At least once a quarter we bring these kids out – sometimes to have fun, and other times to learn – hopefully always doing both!
  • Summer activities
We haven’t gotten there yet, since this is our first year. But we hope to provide an activity for the kids to do in the summer. Some kids want to learn instruments, some like sports or crafts. Either way, learning should not stop when school lets out.

If you desire to help us in this area, please contact us.